Some Tips On Improving Your Mental Game Of Golf

Posted by Tameka Mangini | Posted in golf | Posted on 18-11-2012


Many golfers will tell you that the mental game of golf is what will really determine your success out on the course. It it is true to say that few other sports depend on psychology to the degree that this ancient sport does. Improving this aspect of your play will bring great rewards in terms of your performances out on the course.

A greatly enjoyable way of boosting your mental golfing abilities is to read as much as possible about the sport. There are a great many really excellent golfing books out there, and there is something to be learned from all of them. Reading and thinking about the sport will generate new insights and allow you to view your play from new perspectives.

It also pays to pay close attention to interviews with the top professionals, and learn from what they say. Top players often go through some kind of crisis of confidence or technique during their careers. Listening to how they managed to put things right can often be a great help to amateur players too when it comes to learning about the psychology of golf.

Reading books other than those about the sport can also help give you insights and mental golf tips to use on the course. Books about strategy like Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ can provide useful insights and improve your all-round strategic thinking. It can also be worthwhile reading about other sports, and the kind of psychological tricks and hints that athletes from other disciplines can offer.

Watching as much of the sport as is possible is also important when it comes to improving any aspect of your play. Keeping a keen interest in how players respond to adversity, both within tournaments and long term in their careers, can be very useful indeed. You might find that adopting similar routines to the greats helps you too.

It is also important to discuss the sport as much as possible, especially matters relating to the psychology of the sport. More experienced players can help you directly with tips and hints of their own, but discussing the sport in general can also throw up some helpful new perspectives. The more thinking you do about the structures and tactics of the sport, the more you will improve.

By following some of these tips you should soon see that your mental game of golf improves by leaps and bounds. This will have an enormously positive effect on your all-round game, making you a much better player. Thinking, in a targeted and clear way, is central to improving out on the course.

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